What a fun week we had in Indianapolis, IN. The seasons are changing and we are getting a taste of the beautiful fall weather.

This week I came across a candid photo of one of the school’s news team interviewing our professional athletes. They say a photo is worth a thousand words and in this case it was.

Seeing today’s youth, our future, ask these pro- athletes questions was an inspiring moment on this particular day. I couldn’t help but think or wonder if this particular student asking questions could be the next Diane Sawyer or perhaps Matt Lauer. Then I started to think about all the questions I would ask these athletes if I was still in high school. Some of my questions would start with “Who…What…When….Where…How?”

If you had the chance to ask our professional athletes one question what would it be? Would you pick their brain for success or for their favorite food? Share you questions with us on our facebook page at ASA World Tour.