Matt Hoffman in the House

It seems impossible but somehow we are half way through this year’s Fall ASA High School Tour! Where has the time gone? Being out on the road and traveling the country with our pro athletes and taking our Anti Tobacco and Bullying Prevention messages from school to school and state to state is really something to be seen.

This week we stopped in Oklahoma City to visit our friends at McLoud High School, Moore High School, Putnam High School, Tecumseh High School, and Deer Creek High School. We’ve had a rainy tour this year and we were lucky enough to have beautiful weather all five days in Oklahoma City. As our athletes would say, “It’s been perfect riding weather.” Our athletes love performing on the ramp just as much as the students love to see them.

We had a special treat on Friday, the last day of our tour in OKC. Matt Hoffman, professional BMXer, attended show at Deer Creek High School. It was awesome having a veteran come out and support the students, athletes, the message, and the event! Click here to find out more about Matt Hoffman and how he paved the way for BMX athletes.

Next week we’re off to Texas! See you then ☺