Everything is Bigger in Texas

I guess it’s true what they say, “Everything is bigger in Texas.” Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX schools definitely did not disappoint, we had some of our largest crowds in attendance. We were lucky enough to visit five schools in the Dallas and Ft. Worth, TX markets, Skyline High School, Lancaster High School, North Dallas High School, Sunset High School, and Irving High School.

One particular school this week held an essay contest prior to the ASA High School Tour. Students were asked, “Do you think teachers or Principals should be allowed to get involved if students are getting bullied outside of school grounds?” Bullying Prevention is such an important topic in our country and one that should be discussed with our students.   Many of our schools thank us for bringing the ASA High School Tour and the Bullying Prevention message to their schools. We truly find it a responsibility to do our part and a privilege to be invited into these schools. We will be sharing the students’ winning essays on our website so be sure and check back in to see the students’ views on teachers and principals’ involvement in bullying that takes place outside of school.


We’re off to Houston, TX!