Hello San Antonio

Just like the rest of the ASA High School Tour the 11th week on the road was a success….a cold success. #Brrrrr Our team had some of the coldest weather they’ve had the entire time on the tour. But in true ASA Entertainment form our guys pulled it off flawlessly.

We want to start off by thanking the awesome schools in San Antonio, TX that hosted us; Seguin High School, Sam Houston High School, Somerset High School, South San Antonio High School, and Harlandale High School. The students and our Bullying Prevention message is really what this tour is all about.

One of our schools in particular this week went all out for our anticipated arrival. Harlandale High School got their pep-band and cheerleaders involved for some pre-show entertainment. This really worked the crowd and built the anticipation of our show. The atmosphere was thrilling! One of the school volunteer staff members read a poem titled “A Girl Named Velencia.” This poem was based on bullying and knowing one’s true identity. This was a perfect segway into our anti-bullying message and show. It’s schools like this that really take advantage of our free show and use it to its potential. This was a very powerful day on the ASA High School Tour not only for us, but for our partners, the school, but most importantly the students. Everyone worked together to create and execute something bigger than all of us.

Thank you San Antonio, we hope to see you in 2015! Now we’re off to Phoenix. Only three weeks left of the Fall ASA High School Tour.