It’s True…They Have Great Weather in Phoenix, AZ

After all that cold weather we experienced the past two weeks it was so nice to be in Phoenix, AZ where the weather was High School Tour perfect.

A big shout out to the five high schools we visited, Westview High School, Sandra Day O’Connor High School, Maryvale High School, South Mountain High School, and North Canyon High School. You guys rock!

We always get great feedback from our schools, so we thought it was time to share some with you.

“It was great, your guys were awesome!! Our students had nothing but positive feedback as well as the staff. Definitely would love to recommend. Can’t wait to have you back again!”

“The event was great and our school enjoyed it. The fact that we were able to have it in the center of campus near our cafeteria helped a lot. Most students ate lunch quickly and then watched the show for the extended lunch session. Please send our thanks and appreciation to everyone involved.”

“The event today went amazing. All of the ASA members where professional, on time and most importantly dedicated to sending a positive message. What I appreciated most about the event was the sincerity each member of the ASA team had for the message. After the event was over I asked to speak briefly to one of the riders who did some phenomenal tricks that my students really appreciated. I thought he would be just hanging out somewhere. Instead they pointed to an individual who was assisting in taking apart the ram. ASA is a world class organization that brings together individuals who are looking to send a positive message and live the same values.”

Now that is some good PR ☺

We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Our tour will resume December 1-5 in Orange County, CA.