Checking in with Paul-Luc Ronchetti in San Diego


This is Paul-Luc Ronchetti here writing about week number one of the 2016 Spring ASA High School Tour.

I always love it when the Tour comes to San Diego because it is in my area. It is nice to be able to connect with the local community/kids because they are more or less in my backyard and it makes it just that little bit more special.

Although there were a couple of rainy days at the end of the week, I really enjoyed the first few days. My favorite school was El Cajon Valley High School, which was the first school of the week. The students and staff were very welcoming so there was generally a great atmosphere. All the guys started the Tour strong and gave a great first performance. I also got a tweet from a student’s mother that read:SHST16_SD_FHS_best shots_Autograph Signing_1

“Thank you for doing this for our kids. Made a big impact and the photo in the SD Tribune is super cool!”

This was amazing to see and showed that the kids were really on board with the cause and having fun.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 1.28.42 PMApart from the Tour itself, it was cool having the guys in town to show them around my neck of the woods. Mykel and I took Eito to Tony Hawk’s ramp. He had never been before and was so exited to skate there. We had a sick session together.

Thanks to the Marines and the “No Place For Hate” campaign for partnering up once again and I’m looking forward to more ASA Tour fun in the future!