Exploring Sacramento with Alex Landeros

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Photo by: Alex Landeros

SHST16_OC_LMHS_Alex Landeros_2Sacramento was a great week on Tour, during and outside of the shows. I have done many high school demos in my day but I have to say we had great crowds at all five schools in the Sacramento area. Lots of happy, respectful, and stoked kids! One of the toughest demos we did was a scarily windy show at Laguna Creek High School. We had some big gusts of wind coming through, but needless to say we rode through it and ended a great show. After the show we got to talking to the Security Guard who just happened to be a retired WWE wrestler. The guy had a really cool story and it was just so random to run into him, its one of the perks of traveling… You never know who you might meet. I also have to give a shout out to Skateboarder Josh Stafford for sticking it out through a show despite terrible sleep the night before due to a fever.


Photo by: Alex Landeros

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Photo by: Alex Landeros

In addition to the shows, I thought there was much to do and go see and plenty of fun to be had around town. We all made it over to Old Sacramento, which is completely done up like a booming Gold Rush town set back in the late 1800s, complete with a railway station. Our hotel was situated right where the American, and Sacramento meet up, so that gave me plenty of opportunities to get out of the city scene and explore a bit. There are nice bike paths that run alongside the river banks that you can take for miles. I renamed the bike path the hobo highway because in Sacramento all along the river bank is a community of homeless people camping by the river and the bike path connects them all. Most afternoons I’d be walking along the river taking pictures during sunset and I’d run into a few of these people living this alternative life, whether by choice or circumstance. Most of them were happy, friendly people. It was definitely a reality check and makes me grateful for all that I have, being able to live my dreams through riding my bicycle and traveling. Everyone could benefit from taking a moment to appreciate their current situation, no matter what it is. When I wasn’t out shooting photos I was at the skateparks with our ramp guy, Chris, and any locals that wanted to catch a session. I managed to meet up with up-and-comer and great kid, Bryce Tryon who got to guest star in our show last year when the ASA High School Tour came to his school. We even got in a dirt session (my favorite thing to ride) on a friend’s local dirt jumps while we were in the area. All in all it was an action packed week, full of great shows, awesome skatepark sessions, and exploring a new city.

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