On Tour with Coco Zurita in Denver, CO

FHST16_DEN_ACHS_best shots_Coco Zurita_1The week started with a rainy forecast that didn’t really promise much for the team, but we all had great energy and motivation to make things happen.
We started the week at 5:50 AM with a visit to the local Fox News station, showing off some tricks at the main entrance and sharing a few words about the bullying prevention message and the mission of the tour. It was a good warm up for a busy and fun week that brought us sunny days from Monday through Saturday.

Everyone showed a lot of positive energy throughout the week and all the kids at the schools were very loud!! We visited three schools with more than 2,500 students and two schools with crowds between 900 and 2,000 students.

FHST16_DEN_ACHS_best shots_Big Crowds_1

The ramp felt great throughout the whole week and the new paint not only looks great, but gives us a lot of grip which helps a lot when riding it. After the shows, the students gave us lots of attention at the autograph sessions and we took a ton of pictures with the students.



Besides the shows at the schools, we visited a few skateparks to keep the blood flowing and stay in shape. Colorado is known for having a good amount of high quality skate bowls. During some of the days in Denver we visited FISE World Championship Series, which is a big event that was taking place during the same time as our tour and brought a lot of pro BMX riders from all over the world to the city. We were able to hang out and ride with them and Mykel even entered the competition, showing them that there was no place for hate.

FHST16_DEN_GWHS_best shots_Coco Zurita_2FHST16_DEN_PVHS_best shots_Coco Zurita_1

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