On Tour with Dustin Grice in Kansas City, MO-KS

There’s no better way to kick off the second week of a tour, than going to one of the most well-known cities for their barbecue! We rolled into Kansas City and went straight to Jack Stack. Everyone in town said that would be the place to go, and oh boy was it ever so! Not one of us left that joint with a drop of barbecue sauce left on our plates!

We also did some sightseeing downtown, went to this massive antique shop, and even visited the World War I Museum! What an exciting place. When we saw the incredible view of the city on top of the building, we just had to take a photo!Blog Kansas City - On Tour with Dustin Grice 1
Left to Right: Tyler Hank, Dustin Grice, Coco Zurita

It is always very exciting to be back in Kansas City on the High School Tour, not only because this has been such a great stop in the past and great schools, but they also have a handful of incredible skate parks in town. One of them in particular, is Shawnee Skate Park which has a rare cement “half capsule” we all love to ride. Kansas City is also the home of BMX legends, Dennis McCoy and Chad Kagy. Some of the team even had a chance to meet up with them while in town.

Highlight of the week in my opinion was when Mykel Larrin did a “dab” in the air!! The students went nuts!! Tyler even got it on the camera, looks like I tried to match it while on the mic as well haha I still need a few tips on dabbing.Blog Kansas City - On Tour with Dustin Grice 2
There was so much excitement that even the news was there to report about us being is town!Blog Kansas City - On Tour with Dustin Grice 3
Thank you Kansas City for being such a great week right here on tour, thank you ASA Entertainment, Anti-Defamation League, US Marines, and all the staff members and kids at all the schools, we are looking forward to coming back again soon! Keep up that great barbecue!!

Follow the tour at @ASAActionSports and if you have any photos from us visiting your school hashtag #ASAHighSchoolTour.

Dustin Grice
Tour Emcee

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