On Tour with Alex Landeros in Chicago, IL


This week in Chicago was a fun one for me, because I am originally from Chicago! Which means I get to visit home, and familiar places, but also visit and see new places that I’ve never seen. And that is what is awesome about the ASA High School Tour, going to new schools and exploring new neighborhoods. Unfortunately we got a spell of some bad weather, which forced us indoors for a better part of the week, but the shows were still awesome regardless.

One moment that really stuck out is when a student at one of the schools was awarded for the amazing anti-bullying poster she created. The district received 150 entries from all the schools and she won! And along with the award, her poster will be printed and sent to all the schools in the district to be hung up in the hallways.

Outside of the shows has been a blast as well. Chicago has so many awesome things to go do and see. So far this week I have gone to the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, and the Shedd Aquarium and I have plans to go to the Museum of Science and Industry as well as the Willis tower sky deck before I leave.
We had an amazing session at one of Chicago’s best skateparks, Wilson St. skatepark located right on the water.
Another highlight of my week will be eating Lou Malnatti’s deep dish pizza, the best deep dish pizza in all of Chicago!

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