On Tour with Trevor Meyer in Chicago, IL

Starting off week #6 in Chicago for Monday and Tuesday; this is a split week! Mat Olson and Eito Yasutoko joined us on the tour – great to have them with us! So far the rain has held off and we’re back to outdoor shows! 70 degree temps have been perfect. Fall is my favorite time of the year!


Plainfield and Hubbard High Schools here in Illinois were awesome! Everyone performing at high levels and our new announcer Sammy Veal going off on the mic. Sammy has a No Bullying Message for the students while we ride. Afterwards whoever can answer Sammy’s questions about Bullying Prevention statistics wins prizes! So it’s not only an amazing stunt show but also a learning experience for the students.

On the drive to South Bend, IN we made a quick stop in Gary, IN to check out the king of pop’s childhood home – Micheal Jackson! Great to see where it all began for him. And how he went from that little house to so much, having an incredible life! I got the feeling if you can make it in Gary, IN, you can make it anywhere!

On Wednesday and Thursday we were back indoors with more rain. Shows were great! Got lucky with good grippy floors, nice flatland surface.



One of the teachers just happened to teach at my old high school but now works at this school. What are the chances of that? I guess pretty good when you go to as many high schools that we do! Haha. Great time talking with him.


Friday school was a small school but the audience was just as loud as all the others we had been to. Signed autograph cards for everyone afterwards.

Good times were had by all!

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