On Tour with Josh Stafford in St. Louis, MO


Hey guys, this is Josh Stafford here to report on week 7 of the ASA High School Tour! We are now in St. Louis and it is my final week on the Fall Tour. I’ve been to St. Louis a few times now doing the High School Tour and on other skate trips. I must say, I really love this city. There is something about its old school charm that really attracts me. The week was a lot like a roller coaster in the sense that there were a lot of ups and downs due to weather, good times, injuries, and more.

The week started off at a great school with a ton of energy on Monday. Eito and I decided to do a few double runs to hype up the crowd a little more on one of our last runs. Unfortunately we got confused on what the plan was for us to do and ended in a collision. We ran into each other head-on, leaving me with a bruised hip, leg and a sore shoulder. Unfortunately, Eito Yasutoko got the worse end of the deal. When we ran into each other, my elbow ran straight into his arm and broke his forearm. He had to get surgery on Tuesday morning to put a plate in his arm. I felt awful about it, but luckily Eito is a great friend and rider who understands the hazards of doing doubles and doesn’t hold anything against me. Thanks Eito!

The rest of the week was filled with flawless shows regardless of how the weather was. Some of the indoor shows were a couple of the best I’ve ever seen as the crowds were loud and extremely supportive and retained a lot of information from the anti-bullying campaign which we are out here to support. My final day of the tour and final show of the week in St. Louis was completely electric. Mat Olson’s straight up and down flairs are some of the most insane I’ve ever seen. And Alex Landeros ended with a double tailwhip. Seeing how they were going off, I had to step it up for the last show so I threw a 540 in there. Aside from the unfortunate mishap with Eito, I’d say overall my High School Tour experience was nothing short of amazing thanks to the wonderful schools, ASA, and the United States Marines. I’m looking forward to the Spring Tour!

See ya’ll there!
Josh Stafford

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