On Tour with Mat Olson in Dallas, TX

For me, the High School Tour is one of my favorite times of year. It gives me a chance to enjoy my time on the BMX as well as hang out with some good friends I don’t get to see so often. When the crew is firing on all cylinders it makes for great shows and a lot of fun extra curricular activity. Riding the ramp, going to skateparks, cruising around each new city we find ourselves in, it’s always an adventure while on tour. This year’s cast is an exciting blend of personality and energy. Glad to be a part of this program yet again!


Week 8: Dallas/Ft. Worth
Texas will always have a spot in my heart. I lived here for almost 5 years. Coming back is a treat, I like showing the crew around my old local hangouts. The skateparks, trails, and local hospitality keep me coming back. It was a windy week, just as expected it didn’t slow these guys down. It’s an honor to be riding with all these talented skateboard, Inline, and BMX athletes. A couple indoor shows and a few outdoor shows made week 8 go by quickly. We had big crowds with quite a bit of interaction from the majority of students that attended the shows. We made it through yet another awesome week, now onward to Houston TX.


One thing I really respect about this program is the positive message being portrayed using action sports. While each of us love what we do, walking away from each show knowing that the message was received is gratifying to say the least. Traveling around and being so involved with social media, it’s eye opening how people treat each other now a days. This tour reflects positivity as well as an open-minded perception to the diversity in every type of individual. I am hoping our riding can influence a few crowds here and there to open their eyes a bit to see the social issues at hand. Bullying is a terrible thing, it all starts with how you treat people, and how you yourself want to be treated.


I’ll be on this tour promoting these types of programs for as long as I can. I hope this tour will last for many years to come. I saw my first show when I was in elementary school. The very next day I signed up for racing. It’s kept me in school and out of trouble my entire life. You never know the impact you as an individual can have on another person, or how deeply it may effect them. BMX was and is the best thing that I have ever came across. Now 20 years after I saw my first show, I get to promote a positive message while making a living riding my bike… thanks ASA!

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