On Tour with Alex Landeros in Houston, TX

This week on tour has been a challenging one while in Houston, but we embraced the challenges, worked through it and in the end there were still smiles on everyone’s faces.
The week started off great, having Zack Warden newly on tour with us was a fun change. We got a taste of what the Houston nightlife was all about and we were able to ride some local dirt jumps.

The team encountered the first challenge when Zack unexpectedly had to go home for a couple of days, leaving us a man short for half the week. But Mat, Trevor, Paul-Luc and I made it work and had some great shows at the Houston schools!

The next challenge arouse when one of the Houston schools dropped out last minute and nobody knew if there would be a show for Thursday. The awesome people in the ASA office managed to get another school on board for this amazing program and we had another successful show!
But when it rains, it pours and on Thursday after the show our ramp truck broke down, which left us with an athlete short and without a truck. However, like our tour manger Tyler always says: “The show must go on!” and nothing could stop us. We were able to rent out a U-Haul box truck and transport our indoor box jump setup to Friday’s school the following day for our last Houston show and it turned out great!


Sometimes life presents you with challenges and working through these hurdles will make you stronger. Anything can go wrong, and will go wrong, and that’s what seemed to happen this past week in Houston. But we are a team out here with the crew on the road and the office team in Florida. We worked together and made it possible and had a full week of great shows in Houston!


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