On Tour with Zack Warden in San Antonio, TX

After having to leave the tour in Houston for a family emergency, I finally ended up joining the crew in San Antonio for week 10 of the tour. And even with the ramp truck still being broken down and being repaired in Houston, the whole team came together and put on a great week of box jump shows for all the schools we visited out here in San Antonio.


From the first day back at Southside High School to wrapping up the week at Somerset High School, we had nothing but great weather and radical crowds! Mat Olson has been riding at his highest level, even with being diagnosed with a broken thumb a few weeks ago.


Along with a great week of riding shows, the whole crew had a pretty fun time wagering bets over the wonderful World Series we have had. Congrats to the Cubs, for doing what seemed impossible, and congrats to all those that came up from my misfortune from betting against them!

Until week eleven, take care and be safe!

Zack Warden

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