On Tour with Trevor Meyer in Albuquerque, NM

Made it to Albuquerque, New Mexico! As I opened the curtain of the hotel window, nothing but sunshine and mountain views. What a very scenic place to be for the week. Perfect temps with 60s for the highs, great for shows!


Monday morning off to Highland High School. Two friends of mine from Minnesota happened to be here for work, so they stopped by to check out the show. They had a great time watching and we had lots to talk about since they were BMX riders back in the day. I remember going to tons of contests with them – good memories!


At Tuesday’s show they roped off the street and we had our block party BMX show! The students were amazed by the awesome stunts they got to see live at their school. We also had tons of kids participating in the Marines’ pull-up bar challenge; even a teacher did 15 pull-ups, good job!
Wednesday’s and Thursday’s shows were also outdoors.


Week 11 has rounded out to be a wild and crazy week! Students enjoyed the box jump and killer flatland tricks. Marines handed out lots of t-shirts and prizes. Micah, our announcer, threw down bullying prevention statistics and I think everyone learned something and had a fun time.
Afterwards we jumped into the van and drove to Santa Fe, New Mexico, checked into our new hotel and relaxed in the hot tub enjoying the bright half moon and feel of the desert southwest.
We wrapped up the week with a great indoor show! Santa Fe is a really cool city. I hope to come back and spend a little more time here since there’s so much to do and see!


God bless. Peace out!

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