On Tour with Mat Olson in Phoenix, AZ

After 6 weeks of traveling all over the US, I find myself in my home state of Arizona. This week wraps up my portion of the 2016 ASA High School Tour. It has been a pleasure getting to ride in these performances. It brings a positive message while getting the opportunity to portray BMX in the best light possible. We as “action sport” junkies sometimes get a bad wrap for looking the way we do, or commonly being associated as trouble makers.


The No Place For Hate campaign gives us as riders and skaters the possibility to relate with a younger crowd through not only our performances on the ramp, but also the time spent before and after shows getting to talk with some of the students. We are given the opportunity to reflect on the world today from each of our experiences throughout life.
Some students are truly looking for some kind of outlet to put all their energy, some are mixed in a less than admirable crowd, others just want to fit in … nonetheless, action sports is a great way for us to put this positive message into these kids’ daily regimen.
If we can instill some kind of positivity just by showing up and giving them bullying statistics and ways on how to help, it’s an awesome feeling.
Actually getting to speak with young students who themselves are trying to follow their own path and not get caught up in the day to day hate we see, will hopefully make the change we all want to see.


I feel together we can extinguish the negativity and hate in this world. I believe if everyone can come up with a type of message while using something they love as a sort of catalyst to a solution, that in no time at all will we all witness a better way of living. I love riding my bike, getting the opportunity to make a bit of a difference makes it that much better.


Thank you for involving me in these programs. I look to stay as active as possible in the fight against bullying.

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