On Tour with Dustin Grice in Los Angeles, CA

Welcome to the Golden State of California! All the riders had such a wonderful week off for Thanksgiving and we were all excited to connect again on Sunday in Los Angeles. No better place to kick off the new week together than right here in Southern California… this week’s team included Mykel Larrin, Trevor Meyer, Alex Landeros, Coco Zurita, Tyler Hank, myself, and very special guest Anthony Napolitan. Solid team, big smiles & great vibes all around.

This week we stayed in the San Fernando Valley area just north of LA, it was kind of a new area for some of us and we loved it. The schools are great, the staff members were great, and the students were absolutely incredible. We met so many students that had so many different stories, goals; we even met some who were also into action sports! Everyone loved the shows; it is always so interesting to see how much information the students remember afterwards when we quiz them. The Marines’ pull up bar is always a blast as well, and the guys’ & girls’ tour record challenges.

We always look forward to the food in California, specifically In’ n’ Out, it is safe to say that was the most popular place for the team to eat all week! Another team favorite includes Panda Express, as well as Chipotle. One morning we were leaving the hotel, and I ran into this older gentleman and his wife… They said they were off to the mall for the day, and I told them we were off to a high school to do our anti-bullying show. He then begins to tell me a secret, that I swore not to tell anyone ever, he said he was a stunt double for Santa… We just had to take a photo together!

It has been an honor being back on tour with ASA this week in Southern California. Thank you so much all staff members and volunteers who make this possible, and to all of the students this week; you have made this such an incredible week here in LA. Remember, if I was going to leave you with one thing about bullying…. Always just let someone know when you see something, as simple as that πŸ™‚

Next week we travel up north to Seattle… The very final Week 14 of 14 for our 2016 ASA Fall High School Tour. Then we all head home for the holidays, and on that note Happy Holidays from all of us at the ASA High School Tour!

Dustin Grice
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ASA High School Tour
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