On Tour With Anthony Napolitan in San Diego, CA

The Greenhorn is a rider that is newest to the show team. Technically Pat Casey is the newest member of the high school tour. But I still consider myself the new guys with only having filled in for a couple shows of 2016’s fall tour.

The main thing I’ve noticed about the schools here on tour is that all of the kids at every school 100% appreciate us being there. I’ve done a lot of school shows and there are times where I have asked myself how this certain group of kids couldn’t be stoked on what’s going on. This wasn’t the case here in Southern California! Not only was every school attentive with high energy. They were also paying attention to the message at hand and the facts that our team provided to them.

There are also the cases when you meet a student that rides BMX, motocross or skates. At Tory pines high school I met a young man who rode downhill mountain bikes. It was really cool hanging out with him and having different conversations with him about both sides of the sport. I think it’s a pretty rare moment when young people get to engage with someone they might look up to or think is their personal superhero.

With that said, I think the most important thing for me was being able to engage with all of the students. Whether is it was Mykel bunny hopping over 4 students laying on the ground, interacting with kids as they came through for autographs and photos or sharing a personal story with a student that has big dreams of achievement for their future.

It’s truly an honor to be a part of something like these tours that send such a positive message that will undoubtedly impact not only the kids at every school but kids around the world.


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