On Tour with Paul-Luc Ronchetti in Minneapolis, MN

We rolled into town on a Saturday afternoon and had some free time to kill. After checking in, Mykel, Alex and myself decided to check out downtown Minneapolis. Before we got there, we stopped off at Minnehaha Park, where there is a brilliant natural waterfall. We walked around for a while and got a few photos. I called up local boy Dustin Grice to get a recommendation on a cool spot to eat and chill out in the city. We got some food at a place called Pizza Luce, made a quick stop at Culvers for some frozen yogurt and then called it a night.

On Sunday my good friend and local Minneapolis OG vert skateboarder, Justin Lynch came and picked me up from the hotel. We went to skate at the overpass vert ramp for a few hours. The ramp was amazing and several local skateboarders came out for the session. I really enjoyed the vibe because there aren’t as many skate parks or ramps in the Midwest, so anytime the weather is good and there’s a good crew to skate with, everyone goes off and has a blast!


Apart from one day, the weather here was absolutely amazing – not too hot, not too cold. It was perfect for the demos. My favorite school was Henry Sibley High School. The kids were stoked and the teachers were very appreciative. I decided to hide my used board after the show and post it up online for the students to find. It didn’t take long till someone did.


On one of the afternoons after the shows, we decided to go and check out the Mall of America. That place is crazy! You can walk around for an hour or two and still not see all of the stores. There are even roller coasters in the center of the place. Apart from getting a nasty ear infection, the week in Minneapolis was fun and the demos went well.

Cheers and thanks again Marines,


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