On Tour with Mykel Larrin in Milwaukee, WI


Here we are in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The dairy state; full of famous restaurants, iconic sports teams and hard working people. We arrived from Minneapolis, Minnesota after a drive that whipped and winded through the countryside and it’s good to finally be home.

At the start of the week the kids have been very enthusiastic and engaged with our anti-bullying demonstration. It’s always a great time being able to collaborate with that kind of energy. I feel like these shows have been some of the best on tour so far.

It’s been an amazing ride so far and it’s already midweek. The students have really been responding to the messages being shared. There’s something special about being able to return home and perform these demos where I grew up. It’s been fun sharing my story and its relationship with ASA Action Sports.

As we finished up one of the shows this week we had a student share their struggles with us. There were a few key points in our demonstration that triggered a courageous moment for them to come and say something. You just don’t ever realize what someone else can be going through.

We got the student in contact with the school counselor and provided them with comforting words and some good outlets to get help.

You see, these are the moments that make this tour so important. If we had not been at that school that day, who knows what route that student may have taken.

In closing, I’m just so grateful to be on this platform of influence and encouragement for others. Remember to be kind, courageous and live your dreams.


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