I can’t begin to tell you how positive and exciting the whole performance was. The performance was outstanding and Mike(MC) was fantastic in mixing in the positive message of anti-bullying while still energizing the crowd which was focused on the great performance. It was extra special having one of our very own there to celebrate! I thank you for the opportunity and hope that the rest of the tour is great! We are privileged to have had the opportunity and are challenging all who attended to pay it forward to prevent bullying! Thank you so much again!

Horlick High School – Racine, WI

Our kids loved the show and the message that was sent.  I know if we ever get the chance to have you back at Weber, I will try to arrange for the show to run during an assembly time so that all the students and teachers can be there.  Your group is awesome!  I love the message you are putting out there and the different group of kids you are reaching with your performers being connected to BMX, Skateboarding etc.  Great work and please let me know for next year or in the future if you would like to make a stop at Weber again.  Thank you so much!

Teri Speirs, –  Weber High School, Odgen UT

We very much enjoyed having your program here at SLHS again this year.  It was a great way to spice up our homecoming week.  Your athletes and staff were all easy to work with and very mindful of working with our schedule so students attended classes as scheduled.  They put on an impressive performance and students really enjoyed it.  I think this is a great way to engage students and send healthy messages about their choices.  Thanks for making this available to them.  We look forward to working with you when you are in Colorado again.

Tom Copley, Assistant Principal, – Standley Lake High School, Westminister, CO

The student population and staff at Evergreen High School were very impressed with the ASA High School Tours anti-bullying event.  The X-Game athletes were incredible and our kids flocked to their autograph table after the show; one of the X-Game skateboarders even gave his skateboard deck to one of our students.  Tyler, the road manager, as well as his technicians, were extremely friendly and competent.  This was a memorable event that made Evergreen High School even more of a special place last Friday.  Thanks ASA!!!

Christian Ramaker – Assistant Principal, Evergreen High School, Evergreen CO

Our students had an awesome experience. We have received great feedback from students and teachers.  We look forward to having the tour back again so future students can benefit from the important message and the entertaining way it is presented.

Josh Peters, Assistant Principal – Winnetonka High School, Kansas City, MO

1. I was impressed with the organization, enthusiasm, and professionalism of  ASA staff in promoting, coordinating, and performing the program. Awesome planning and support all the way through!

2. The athletes were amazing and you guys were able to bring some real talent to the show including a Wisconsin boy. The students really enjoyed that as if it gave them something special to root for. Although most kids were focused on the athletes, the MC had a good personality and did a nice job of articulating the anti-bullying message.

3. Most importantly, we received very positive student feedback from a wide variety of students. In schools, we tend to honor traditional sports and I felt that this presentation touched on a specific demographic of kids that seldom get positive school attention. Although many students used words like “cool, and awesome” several students remarked that it was their favorite assembly ever.

Overall, it was great that we were able to connect and I want to thank you again for coming to Fort Atkinson High School!

Adam Rousseau, Assistant Principal – Ft. Atkinson High School – Ft. Atkinson, WI

The ASA High School Tour came to perform for our middle and high school students.  The performance was up-beat, fun to watch, and was exciting to see for both students and staff.  The information given during the performance was staggering statistics that really hit home with many of our students and I believe will have a positive impact on them moving forward.  Seeing the action along with the positive messages was a great way for students to hear the messages to end bullying.  It made students want to pay attention to the real message because it was delivered in a fun and interesting way.  I have personally put together numerous assemblies and programs for our high school students over the last 10 years and this is by far the easiest assembly I have ever coordinated.  The ASA tour is very organized, very easy to work with, and does all of the work for you.  I highly recommend the ASA tour for any high school or middle school.

Rachel Hassler, Teacher/Advisor – Kewaskum High School, Kewaskum, WI

AWESOME!! Not only were the guys super talented and entertained the entire student body, they were extremely nice and professional. This was a fantastic assembly. The students were engaged the entire time and walked away with a new perspective on bullying and respect for yourself and others. Many were shocked at the bullying numbers that were shared. We definitely want them back next year!  It was a great experience.

Lowell High School –  Lowell, IN 

Thank you ALL so much!  The performance was fantastic!  I believe our students really got a lot out of it and I have heard nothing but positive comments from our staff.  Tyler and the whole crew were the nicest and most professional that they could be.  I really enjoyed working with them.  When they had lunch with our students, they really tried to engage them in conversation and make them feel comfortable.  Again, I can’t thank you enough!  We would love to work with them again!

Tina Iglesias, Counselor – Irving High School, Irving, TX

Both shows went well.  The students really enjoyed the entertainment and the message. I hope we can partner up again in the future for another presentation.  You and your team are the BEST!!!

Skyline High School – Dallas, TX

Let me begin by saying the ASA Tour is a fantastic means of bringing together  excitement and education. Our campus and the entire administration were thoroughly impressed with yesterday’s event. The professionalism and demonstrated expertise were beyond reproach. Tyler, your road manager, was simply the best. Awesome individual. The entire show, planning and coordination worked our precisely as planned.  Our band entertained  and worked the crowd 15 minutes before show time, our cheerleaders and dance teams were on point working with the band to crate a Pep-Rally atmosphere and then 3 minute to show time, one of our volunteer staffers did a 3 minute Spoken Word Poem she wrote about “A Girl Named Velencia” a poem based upon bullying and knowing one’s true identity. A perfect Segway for introducing Micah, with your group, who the introduce the ASA tour group. What a powerful display of excellence in action. Lastly the Marine interactive display was a big hit with the campus. The kids main question was “CAN THEY COME BACK NEXT YEAR AND STAY LONGER”??? I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE ASA TOUR FOR ANY SCHOOL LUCKY ENOUGH TO GET IT ON YOUR CAMPUS.

Sam Houston High School, San Antonio, TX
First Sgt. Donald Halford, JROTC Teacher

The High School Tour show was awesome. We had to move indoors due to weather. The crew was extremely professional from set up to tear down. Their interaction with our students was great. The communication between the tour manager and I helped a great deal. He touched based with me a couple days before arrival and then again the morning of so we could talk about whether the show was going to be indoors or outside. We would be very interested in having the tour back again at Indian Creek High School.

Indian Creek High School – Trafalgar, IN 

Thank you, thank you, thank you……..The ASA High School Tour was awesome!  I’m so glad McNair had the opportunity to host this wonderful event.  The show exceeded our expectations and our faculty and students have been coming by my office yesterday and this morning saying what a great event it was. Your staff & athletes who were part of this event were engaging, professional and Dustin did a great job conveying the Anti Bullying message while the athletes were entertaining us in the process. Job well done!  You are welcome to come to McNair High School anytime you’re in our area.  Again, thank you for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful program.

Mary Ann Ryan, Anti-Bullying Program Coordinator – Ronald McNair High School, Stockton, CA 

I felt the tour was great.  Both our students and staff appreciated the show and more than anything the positive message behind the tour.  I am a parent of a sophomore student who attends Grant and he raved about how much he enjoyed the show.  The athletes were really down to earth and personable and this went a long way with our kids.  As an alumnus, parent, and now vice principal here at Grant High School, I could say with conviction that what your organization provided was a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of our kids to witness firsthand what may have only been seen on television; I know I could personally speak for myself.  We appreciate your willingness to select our school for this opportunity as well as putting on a great event.  It was a fantastic way to start the weekend.

Wesley Marshall, Vice Principal – Grant Union High School, Sacramento, CA

It was AWESOME!  Thank you ASA Entertainment for giving Northwest Community High School’s students the experience!  Just wanted to add, this is a great way of getting the bullying message out to the students.

Tamarra Hudso – Northwest Community High School, Indianapolis, IN

On behalf of the leadership team and the Sunset High School community, I thank you for providing our students and staff with such a treat this week. Your show was not only informational and inspirational but also highly entertaining. We are definitely working together in helping our students receive the encouragement and information they need in order to safely and productively navigate the intricacies of their daily challenges.

Dr. Luz Martinez, Principal – Sunset High School, Dallas, TX

Thank you so much for the unbelievable show! Our student feedback was very positive.  Thank you for providing us the unique opportunity to communicate such an important message.  The process couldn’t have been easier and your staff did an amazing job.  Tyler, the tour manager, was awesome! Thank again and please let me know if we can develop another partnership next year and try for the outdoor show!

Lorenson, Athletic Director – Davis Senior High School, Davis, CA 

Such a great show for our students and nothing but positive feedback from teachers and students. We would love to have the ASA High School Tour back when the weather is better and we can accommodate all your wonderful equipment. Thank you so much!

Cindy McPhail, Activities Director – Hiram Johnson High School, Sacramento, CA 

The event went great and the students really enjoyed the message. The athletes were phenomenal. In speaking with the students, most of them had never seen anything like that before and they were amazed at the tricks that the ASA athletes were pulling off. I want to personally Thank You, the ASA organization, and all of the athletes that made the event possible. I think that there needs to be more organizations like ASA out there spreading a great message and using their expertise to get across to teenagers that need to hear about issues and how to deal with the daily stressors in High School. Keep up the great work and please don’t hesitate to call if there is anything that I can do for you or ASA.I am hoping that we can see you in the future. Good Luck, God Bless and have a great weekend and rest of the year!

Manuel Maldonado, Gear Up Coordinator/Counseling Dept. – Somerset High School, Somerset, TX

The event today went amazing. All of the ASA members where professional, on time and most importantly dedicated to sending a positive message. What I appreciated most about the event was the sincerity each member of the ASA team had for the message. After the event was over I asked to speak briefly to one of the riders who did some phenomenal tricks that my students really appreciated. I thought he would be just hanging out somewhere. Instead they pointed to an individual who was assisting in taking apart the ram. ASA is a world class organization that brings together individuals who are looking to send a positive message and live the same values.

Ben Geiger, STUGO Advisor – Westview High School, Avondale, AZ 

The entire ASA Entertainment crew did a phenomenal job from start to finish. The assembly allows students to learn about bullying in a medium and format that is geared directly toward them and which is truly engaging. Schools looking to try something new with high energy should definitely book ASA.

Jason Ross, Assistant Principal – Huntington Beach High School, Orange County, CA 

 The event was AMAZING!!! It was such a refreshing change from traditional assemblies. We lucked out with weather. The show was great! I hope we can continue to do this year after year!

Alex Sanchez, Counselor – Elk Grove High School, Indianapolis

Everything went well today- the show was well planned and the execution was just as described in all the documentation.  We greatly appreciate your organization’s time and assistance in bringing this event to West Allis Central!

West Allis Central High School – West Allis, WI 

I would like to thank you and the entire ASA Entertainment Group for agreeing to come and present your ASA Anti-Tobacco/Anti-Bullying High School Tour show to the students and staff of Sunset High School.  The presentation was spectacular and during my initial conversations with several students and staff members – they truly enjoyed the event and the message.  Let me also say a word of thanks to Tyler Hanks and the Marine Corps for their professionalism and genuine interest in not only providing a great presentation with a strong message, but also for their genuine interest in young people.  I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with both of you and I sincerely hope that we will continue to build upon this relationship.  I will be more than happy to serve as a reference for you in any way I can.  Feel free to contact me via email or by phone whenever possible.  Thanks again.

Mr. Ralph Spencer, Assistant Principal – Sunset High School, Dallas, TX 

It was truly outstanding. The biggest help was in the training I give at the beginning of each year with the staff was reinforced by the information in the program. It went just as we discussed! Great program I would love to be a reference for a program I believe in so much. Thank you again for everything.

Britt Wilmeth, Dean of Students – Sam Houston High School, Houston, TX 

Our students really enjoyed seeing the young men on skateboards and bicycles.  The event truly had our audience astonished and they learned about anti-bullying at the same time.  The students stayed after school in order to get the young men’s autograph.  I think our schools would truly benefit from having ASA tour coming out and speaking to their students. Thank you all so much.

Dr. Yul Everline, Dean of Students – Reagan High School, Houston, TX 

The event was great and our school enjoyed it.  The fact that we were able to have it in the center of campus near our cafeteria helped a lot.  Most students ate lunch quickly and then watched the show for the extended lunch session.  Please send our thanks and appreciation to everyone involved.

Justin McLain, Teacher/ RTI-B Leader – Sandra Day O’Connor High School, Phoenix, AZ

The presentation was very well received by staff and students. I have been receiving compliments all day long about how everyone enjoyed a different type of atmosphere for a school-wide assembly.

Kevin Foltz, Assistant Principal & AD – Carman-Ainsworth High School, Flint MI

It went great and was well received. They did a great job of conveying an important message while keeping everyone entertained!

Mark Horak, Assistant Principal – St. Johns High School, St. Johns, MI